Saturday, May 30, 2015

Letter from Marjorie Royal AAT Coordinator for the Petco Store in Highland Village

StricklandsTKD Breakathon 2015

Raised $1800 for Animal Allies of Texas

Dear George (Mr Strickland):
Thank you for the work you do and all of the above and beyond you do.  I can never thank you enough for selecting Animal Allies of Texas (AAT) as the recipient for the funds this year.  We are not one of the larger shelters and we work hard trying to save every little animal we can.

I hope you can come by the Petco store one day and see the action of the volunteers with the cats/kittens we show.  I have approximately 60 volunteers (some alternate weeks) who come to the store three times a day for at least an hour each and hopefully two hours to take care of the cats and to show them to people and find them forever homes.  They are the greatest people in the world.  Their dedication just amazes me.  I am told that no one shows the animals like we do.  I would not think of doing it any other way.  It is hard putting cats in cages and keeping them there to show.  They deserve the best care in the world.  I see places that just put them in the cages and leave them all day.  We try to have them out playing at least 5 or 6 hours each day.  

Some days I think I just can’t keep doing this but with the encouragement of volunteers like Kelly Rizzo and more it is hard to stop.  I see the little faces of the kittens and older cats and they take my heart.

We would love to have you come any time and see what we do.  Kelly has the evening shift at around in case you would like to visit her at the store.

Again, I cannot thank you enough.  You have a heart of gold.


Marjorie Royal
AAT Coordinator for the Petco Store in Highland Village