Sunday, January 31, 2016

Strickland's Taekwondo - What you want to know about us and more

We are a professional full-time martial arts school unlike any other in the area.  At Strickland’s Taekwondo Karate you will learn true self defense as well as traditional Taekwondo, aka Korean Karate, from highly skilled and unique professionals with many years of martial arts experience that take their job seriously.  Our instructor team is comprised of full time paid instructors, as well as volunteers that teach class for the sheer enjoyment.  More importantly, all the instructors are personal students of Mr. Strickland, trained by him.  As well as learning an ancient martial art, you will also benefit from high-energy workouts and fun programs. You will train in a spacious and safe environment.  Come see what sets us apart from other schools in the metroplex.   We have exciting karate, kickboxing, anti-bully, and self defense classes for Children, Teens, and Adults - ages 4 and up! 

Strickland's Taekwondo Adult Class

Strickland's Taekwondo Children's Class

Strickland's Taekwondo DAAB Class

(Women's Defense Against Agressive Behavior)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why I Want To Be A Black Belt: Jack Contreras

Why I Want To Be A Black Belt: Jack Contreras

When I first started Taekwondo I really wanted to be a black belt now, three years later I am about to
reach my goal. I thought the boards would be a challenge. Watching the instructors do their form
inspired me to become a black belt. When I had tested for my red belt I had I felt very sad that I didn't
pass my testing but that did not stop me from wanting to be a black belt as much and I decided not to
give up on taekwondo it made me more determend to earn my black belt.

Taekwondo made me think about if I should become a security guard. I decided I want to be a black
belt, because I could defend myself when people bully me so I won't get seriously hurt. I could also
defend others. I need to defend myself because I'm short and when I get to middle school I'll probably
get bullied a lot more. I could also get into a good college and then get a good job because if I show
them I'm a black belt they will probably want me in their college because I don't give up. Also if I treat my boss with respect if he's kind enough he might give me a raise in my salary. If I am a security guard knowing taekwondo would help me arrest someone who broke in. I could teach my brother Nick how to defend himself I could also help him with the forms if he decides to join Taekwondo again. If I decide to become a wrestler (which probably won't) my skills would help me because I could win fights. I would like to learn more skills for more ways to defend myself. I think of the black belt as an accomplishment my friends and family will respect and admire. I could entertain my family because they like to see Ethan and me demonstrate our forms we are learning. If I ever join the military and my gun runs out of ammo my skills in taekwondo would give me a chance of fighting of the enemies and winning but not a very good one. I could teach my son or daughter because I don't want them ever getting bullied. I could open my own taekwondo school and make a living off of that. Mr.Strickland , you and the other instructors inspiered me to do better in taekwondo by after testing you would tell the whole class something like a story or don't stop because you failed a testing or you would tell us what the program was about. You taught me about respect by when we don't answer you might make us do pushups. Thank you for teaching me skills, forms, and lessons about qualities like respect or not giving up. I have had a great time in taekwondo and I hope I will be able to become a recommended black belt soon. Thank you Mr. Strickland Mr.Cain and other instructors for your time you spend teaching me taekwondo
and helping me learn this art.
Jack Contreras